About Freq. Trigger

Freq.Trigger is a 2D top-down, physics-based shooter modified by your favourite music.  Forget the traditional notion of levels.  Now your music = your levels, and every song equals a unique gaming experience.

Play any song on your iPhone or iPod touch and experience a new dimension in gameplay.

Play your music

Appreciate your music in a brand new way and post high scores to your favourite tracks!  Take part in competitions involving some of the world’s finest music.

Music changes everything

Freq.Trigger uses a sophisticated audio analysis engine to sculpt any piece of music into a gaming experience which matches the mood of the music.  It’s not just about the speed of the action and a pretty light show.  Music drives what enemies appear, how many appear, when they appear, where they move, how they behave, how aggressive they are, when they attack and what weapons they use... as well as a variety of other special features.

Freq.Trigger - gaming that matches the music, that matches your mood

And as if that wasn’t enough, Freq.Trigger is also the perfect platform for new bands to air their music.  The first version of Freq.Trigger comes with seven songs from new bands and artists.  And with each major update we hope to bring you even more talent from up-and-coming musicians.  Giving you the opportunity to hear new music.  Giving bands the opportunity for their music to be heard.  Contact us if you want to know more.

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